Can you explain how Day In The Life Sessions work?

Here's how they work: 1) I show up at your house at the agreed upon time 2) You guys do you 3) I shoot, shoot, shoot 4) I edit, edit, edit 5) You get an amazing glimpse of what life is really like now, in an artistic, refined way. Get your tissues ready, because when you see these pictures, you're probably going to cry.

It really is that easy - I'm looking to capture the relationships, the personalities, the chaos, the big emotions from little people, the hard work that parents do and the love. I'll go wherever you go and document what life is like right now, for your family. One day, years from now, you'll be able to pull out your "Day in the Life: Smith Family, April 22, 2017" album and see the messes, the laughter, the tantrums, the frustrations, the joy and the love of it all. It's going to be great, I promise.

Is my family too boring for a Day in the Life Session?

Is your family the kind of family that sits in an empty room, staring at each other with blank, expressionless faces? Of course not. If you do ANYTHING else, then your family is not too boring.

If your family eats meals, you're not too boring. If your kids play, you're not too boring. If you make each other laugh, you're not too boring.

It's pretty simple, actually. You guys just get to be yourselves and I'll show you how awesome you are. But if you need some ideas of everyday things that I love capturing, here are a few:

  • Little ones with bed-head
  • Parents with big cups of coffee
  • Saturday morning cartoon watching in PJ's
  • T-ball games
  • Grocery store trips
  • Ice cream eating
  • Lightening-bug catching
  • Bath time
  • Pillow forts
  • Swinging, sliding, running, dancing, jumping
  • Bedtime stories
  • Goodnight kisses
Do you offer mini-sessions?

Do you shoot mini-sessions?

Mini-sessions only occur on select weekends in the spring and fall. Mini-sessions include 20 minutes of photography at a pre-selected Atlanta-area outdoor location. These sessions are perfect for holiday cards, quick & casual family portraits or individual headshots.

Email me for the next mini-session dates or check my Facebook page for updates!

Mini-sessions are generally $125.00 and include 3 digital downloads, and an online viewing gallery for additional print and product purchase options.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yep! Email me for details!

Do you shoot weddings?


But I'm happy to refer you to someone who does!

(Yeah, there are some examples of weddings on my events page, I know. But I'm not a "wedding photographer" and I'm not pretending to be one. I do occasionally break my wedding rule for really unique events with just the right clients who understand and appreciate my approach. So if you're getting married somewhere I'd like to visit and you're real laid-back and into documentary-style photos, let me know. Otherwise, there are literally hundreds of wedding photographers in the Altanta area and I know one of them will be a great fit for you!)

Do you do headshots?

I don't do studio-style headshots. That means, I don't have backdrops or studio lighting or a fake library for you to sit in front of.

If what you need is photos of you in your element (if you're a chef, maybe cooking in a kitchen, if you're a yogi, practicing your yoga, etc.) or if you need less-formal, natural-lit headshots then I'd be delighted to help!