Portraits for Newbies: Infant Sessions

Portrait sessions for newborns and babies (a year old or less) work generally the same way as other portrait sessions. Except for one key factor - the baby is in charge. I learned long ago that when it comes to babies, I might as well give up the reigns! For this reason (this reason being the baby might be hungry, sleepy, poopy or just generally fussy), I usually allow a little more time for infant sessions. I do not charge extra for this, I just want you to know about it in advance because otherwise, it can be nerve-wracking to have a baby that won't "cooperate".

I'll go over this with you before your photo shoot, but we'll do a limited amount of posed photos and the rest will be photo-documentary style portraits. I will bring some blankets and baskets for a newborn session, but no other props in addition to that. My main priority will be to get some sweet posed portraits of your baby and then some of you interacting with him/her as well.