What do you want to remember?

Most of us want a few "good" family pictures. The kind where everyone is looking at the camera, in clean clothes and smiling. Posed family pictures are great for cards and gifts and for posterity, but we all know that real life isn't so picture-perfect. Real life is messy. It has boogers and tantrums, laundry piles and bed-head. There are toys on the floor, dinners on the go, tears and laughter and snuggles and kisses and love.

What is it you want to remember about right now? The way your little one is always missing one shoe? The way the whole family snuggles in at the end of a long day to read books? The mud puddles and the missing teeth, the bath-time routines, the baby-fat and the freckles, the trips to playgrounds and grocery stores, catching lightening bugs on a summer night or playing hide-and-seek with friends? In the blink of an eye it all changes so fast. In the blink of an eye, they aren't little children anymore.

I believe that real life is beautiful. I believe that real life is full of things that we want to remember, but rarely photograph. Let me capture your real life, right now.