About Kara

Hi, I'm Kara Johnson, a documentary-hearted photographer based out of Decatur, Georgia. I live with my amazing husband Andrew, my dog Professor Murray and a lot of sometimes-unfortunate plants. We don't have kids of our own (yet!) but have been foster parents in the past and are in love with our nephews and god-sons.

If you take a look around my site, I think you'll get a good feel for the kind of work I like to do most - honest and real photography. Posed portraits are important, but my favorite moments are the everyday, the imperfect, the silly, the sad and the unexpected.

My tagline is "Real life is beautiful" and I really believe that it is. Our life stories are told in the day to day of our real lives; in our relationships and interactions with others and in the emotions that we experience. These are the moments I look for and try to capture.